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Steve Sparaco

I have a couple of more days until my olives are ready to be canned. everything i have research states the olives will last only 2-4 months in a salt brine. How can i perserve them longer than 4 months and how long will they last without going bad on the shelf?


Hi Steve
To make the olives last ,more than a few months , you need to ensure that they do not form a mould on top.
You do this when you initially put them in brine by
1. Boiling the water and salt solution to sterize it
2. by adding acid ie a slice of lemon
3. adding a layer of oil to exclude the air
4. by closing the jars firmly as directed in the book

also once you open the jars ,, keep in the fridge

Taske care



hi olive lovers,,, you can imagine how surprised i was after i moved to the wimmers to find an OLIVE TREE in my garden ,, now this year its about 10ft. tall and very bushy .and heaps of tiny little green olives promising to grow... this year the bush is covered with them ,,and as i always enjoy mixed olives from my local iga. with a shiraz. i,m keen to try bottling my own..just to see if i can do it


dear Pietro I followed your recipe in the book for (black) olives in brine page 88..they're ready now to be decanted but they have mould on top. can i scoop off the mould and put them in the vinegar and then in olive oil, or do I have to discard them all? thanks - and I noted here that you talked about using a piece of lemon - only for green olives? i used virgin plastic buckets with lids rather than glass jars. mistake? thanks for your comments.


Each day agitate for approx 6-7 days. They will produce a dark brine that is frothy.

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