David Abdo

Hello Pietro,
I heard about your book sometime ago on 3aw and you called that day to have a Chat with Bob Hart. You inspired me so much that I purchased your book when I got home that night online. The tales of your adventures are inspiring and heart warming. The one tale that stood out was the trip to Italy with your family. The recipes in here are absolutely fantastic and making hungry just writing this. Anyway all the best and may God bless you for another 50+ years for all to be inspired by your passion for life.

David Abdo



I saw your book in the Sydney Morning Herald this week and thought that would be a great xmas gift for my Dad. He has been experimenting for a few years bottling his own olives, so I thought this book would be right up his alley. Anyway, the book looks great, I am sure he will love it!




Hi Peter,

Just found your website courtesy of Sando - I'm one of his med school friends who was lucky enough to enjoy some of your wonderful hospitality between christmas and new years! I came round to your farm with Dan Briggs and co. Just wanted to thank-you again for the amazing meal and great company. The food was wonderful and I've purchased a copy of your book to see what new tricks I can learn as I also love to cook (we'll see how my small kitchen takes it though!).

I dropped Sandro a line who asked if I could pass on my thanks to you- he thought you might get a kick out of it.

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to getting my hands onto the book and into the kitchen!


Arrigo Bonincasa

tom phelan made some comments about some spelling mistakes in "Preserving the Italian Way". I tried to communicate with him at his IP address, but he must have mispelt it at the foot of his comments because Live Search found no results for it.
People who live in glass houses... etc.
The information in the book is excellent and Peter Demaio is to be congratulated for the time he must have spent collecting all those preserving recipes from many of the last generation of Italian settlers.
Come on tom phelan, next time you buy a doughnut, dwell upon the doughnut and not upon the hole!

Ninetta O'Connor

Hi Pietro,
What a marvelous book saw it on the net rang up my book store in Griffith got the last copy then had to order 4 more copies everytime I showed someone they wanted one so they all got it for mothers Day from their families have made olives so far this book truely brought back beautifull memories of my late mother Giuseppina please follow up with your compare's zia's cugine or paesane and bring out a recipe book on all the biscotti, crostoli ect. As a child from one Calabrese and One veneto parent I love love love your book.

CIAO Ninetta ( I am now an Irish/Italian)

marie artico

Hi pietro, just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic book I brought it last year from a wine making supplies shop in springvale and I absolutely love it, I've made olives melanzanes and in the next couple of weeks we will be making the salami's, I am also from italian parents like yourself my parents from marano marchesato and i volpicchi which is near castrolibero in calabria, I was born in england, which is where they migrated to when they got married, then later on we migrated to australia, I have been brought up with making salamis, the tomato sauce and all the other preserves,my parents are now at an age where they can't do everything they used to so I am determined to learn it myself, as you know we italians love to entertain and there is always plenty of food on the table, and we like to keep our pantry well stocked your book has inspired me to try some of the other recipes so I know my pantry and husband who is from veneto will benefit from them, l love to cook and was very happy with your book and your stories which brought back so many memories for me too, you've done a fantastic job and I will also be teaching my daughter and stepchildren the wonderful art of italian cooking well done and happy eating. marie artico


Hi Pietro
Have just googled "making salami" and your site appeared. I have now purchased 2 copies of your book - one for my son - an apprentice chef and another for a friend who is currently fattening up his pigs - I am hopeful he will use your book to make salami. Really looking forward to reading your stuff.

Damon and Theresa

PETE YOUR A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Pete for your book we have lost alot of our culture out here in Oz unfortunately my family does die at a young age wich makes it impossible for our elders to pass on their knowledge, today we tried our salami for the first time only 3 1/2 weeks after hanging them and the results PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mate your a legend and your willingness to share your knowledge benefits us all thank you very much if ever I can help you with anything in anyway please contact me
Best Regards
Damon and Theresa

maryann vitale

Hi Peter My son Francesco went fishig with his mates at Portland a few months ago and caught yellow fin tuna 12 to be exact,borrowed your book from my brother-inlaw and got the recipe for tuna and it was geat made many many jars and they all love it,FANTASTIC BOOK

Grace Caruso

Thank you sooooooooooo much for Preserving The Italian Way.
My husband and I are of the same origin as your self Australian born of Calabrese parents.
We relate so much to your anecdotes of growing up, that we read your book laughing and nodding our heads throughout all your colourful stories.
These recipes are fantastic I, had been hoping to find something like this with the Real McCoy ingredients and methods that our parents used. Even my daughter now has a copy of this book and my brother and my niece, we just love it.
Thank you again for a wonderful piece of heritage.

Antonia Howarth-Wass

Hi Pietro
I purchased your book 2007 and phoned you in Melbourne at the time to congratulate you on producing something that was so inspiring and such essential knowledge to the gourmet foodie. I was in Sydney but have since moved to Tasmania and I DESPERATELY need another copy of your book to pass on to other foodies also from Europe who have been bowled over from reading my copy. I hope you can contact me and let me know if you did that planned update?


Hi Pietro,

I just brought your book and congratulations for your effort.

It better be bloody good amico, ti avverto

Diana Logue

Biongiorno Pietro,

I have had your book for a couple of years now and the day I actually bought it was one of my happiest as for a long time now, being of Italian heritage, I have watched as the old traditions are slowly dying at and your book after reading all the comments, has obviously inspired and revived another generation, and more to come I dare say. Needless to say, I have used many of your recipes for preserving, especially, the olives. Grazie, and have you ever thought of maybe, holding some classes. I'd be number one of your list.

Ciao for now,



Thank you for your wonderful book, it is a staple on my coffee table and in my kitchen!

A lover of food (which I learnt from my parents), I can honestly say your artichoke recipe is the BEST I have tasted! On crusty bread, with good quality olive oil.. Nothing is better!

Well done, from your #1 Danish fan!

Sandro, in Copenhagen

Anthony Magnani

Ben, possibly try the numbers in the book? As I said above he may be in Italia

Troy Lightowlers

Hi Peter i just wanted to say thanks for writing a book average everyday people can understand your recipes are straight foward & make producing great food fun


Needless to say, I have used many of your recipes for preserving, especially, the olives.

Michael Stacey

I ordered and received your book which I am delighted with. However our daughter has a lemon tree laden with fruit and I was astonished to find that you did not appear to have a preserved lemon recipes in the book. Am I missing something? If not do you have a recipe you can share for preserving lemons?
Thank you

jason scicluna


Peter Lowry

Hi Peter,I have received delivery of your book this morning and i concede i am having problems putting it down. Wonderful book, captivating reading , i cant wait to put the recipes into practice, thanks again.

Matthew Grech

Hi I ordered your book on the 26th of November any news when I will get it. Thanks matthew Grech


Just want to say thank you for the inspiration. I have seen your tonno sott'olio recipe,watched it several times. Can't wait to have a copy of your book.

Robert Franze

Umm, ello ello,
Would anyone know what sort of machine is required to make the tomatoe sauce, a brand name or something to ask for, and where I can get one.

Pietro Demaio

Hi Robert

yes any machine that willseperate the skins from the sauce.

you can buy cheap plastic machines called passata Machines or even use the old fac=shion moulineaux. There is anmoterized attatchmnet for the sausage maching macines .
In Melbourne they are available at Costante imports in Bell st Preston .

goog luck




Yes the mediteranean cuisine is the best in the world. When you started mentioning the salami's I wanted to swap places with you!

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